Kinder Morgan Gulf Coast Express (GCX) (2018-Present)

NEFS was awarded work on Kinder Morgan’s GCX in 2018. GCX a joint venture between subsidiaries/affiliates of Kinder Morgan, DCP Midstream and Targa Resources Corp., is building the Gulf Coast Express Pipeline Project (GCX Project) to bring natural gas from West Texas to the Gulf Coast. The GCX Mainline portion of the project will consist of approximately 447.5 miles of 42-inch pipeline with associated compression all originating at the Waha Hub near Coyanosa, Texas in the Permian Basin, and terminating near Agua Dulce, Texas near the Gulf Coast. The GCX Midland Lateral portion of the project will consist of approximately 50 miles of 36-inch pipeline and associated compression to transport natural gas processed at facilities owned by Targa, as well as facilities owned jointly by Targa and Pioneer Natural Resources (Pioneer), and provide a connection with the proposed GCX Mainline.


Duke Energy – Ohio Operations (2018 – Present)

NEFS has worked closely with Duke in Kentucky and Ohio since early in 2018 on various projects along their distribution system including installations, change-outs, abandonments, tapping, replacements, etc.


Duke Energy Line 427 – Phase II (2018-2019)

NEFS was awarded work on this project in 2018 which includes 20.5 miles of 16-inch with (7) HDDs, (2) launcher/receivers, (8) regulator stations, (1) meter station, etc. It also includes abandonment of 11 miles of 12-inch (Line 248), and 10 miles of 12-inch (Line 60) near Rocky Mount, NC.


Equitrans Midstream Mountain Valley Pipeline Project (MVP) (2017 – Present)

NEFS is continuing to provide construction inspection on this 300+ mile, 42-inch project from northwestern West Virginia to southern Virginia. In addition, the project requires three compressor stations with locations identified as Wetzel, Braxton, and Fayette counties of West Virginia. NEFS has placed inspectors on all nine spreads of this project which should be complete by the close of 2019.


Eagle Claw Midstream – (2017 – Present)

NEFS has provided construction inspection and been an integral part of Eagle Claw’s crude oil and natural gas gathering and processing expansion in the Delaware Basin the past couple of years.


Energy Transfer Company (2017 – Present) Wellsboro Project

NEFS began providing inspection services on the 19 miles of 24″ Pipeline from the Lovell Station to the proposed K.M. Dunkleberger Meter & Control Station in Tioga County, PA in June. The project includes the installation of a measurement facility that will be called the K.M. Dunkleberger Meter & Control Station (275 mmcf/day w/expansion up to 500 mmcf/day).


CP Energy (2017 – Present) Omega Tank Battery Project

NEFS began providing inspection services on the Omega Tank Battery project in May, 2017 near Edmund, Oklahoma. This project consists of a storage tank, trunkline and related interconnects.


Columbia Pipeline Group (2016 – 2017) Leach Express Project

NEFS provided inspection services on Spreads I and II of the Leach Express Project in Ohio. Transcanada purchased Columbia Pipeline Group early in the project and eventually took the project over in February, 2017.


Wolverine Pipe Line Company (2016 – Present) Detroit Metro Access Project

NEFS continues to provide inspection services for the Detroit Metro Access Project. The project consists of 34 miles of 16” pipeline for finished petroleum products and associated facilities in Washtenaw and Wayne Counties, Michigan.


Kinder Morgan (2015 – Present) Various Gas Projects and Vendor Surveillance

NEFS continues to provide inspection services on various Kinder Morgan Gas Projects throughout their system. These projects include, but are not limited to: interconnects, cross country pipelines, class changes, compressor stations, meter stations, line replacements and hydrotests. In addition, NEFS has been responsible for Kinder Morgan’s Vendor Surveillance and Quality Assurance of equipment being built for the Broadrun Expansion Project and other projects.


Buckeye Pipeline Partners – (2015 – Present)

NEFS has been working with Buckeye Pipeline Partners for several years expanding their terminals, pipelines and related facilities in south Texas, Ohio, and multiple states in the Midwest.


Harvest Pipeline (2014) Y Pennant Project

NEFS provided inspection services for the Y Pennant Project. This project consisted of new construction for 38 miles of 16” pipeline from Mahoning County to Columbiana County in Ohio. This project included multiple HDD and bores.


7 MLV Duke Energy Natural Gas Services (2014 – Present & Ongoing)

Working through our associated company; NEES, we are providing observation services of Duke Company & Duke Contractor Crews as they perform various; installations, change-outs, abandonments, tapping, and replacements on their distribution systems located in northern Kentucky and southern Ohio. stations – rebuilt 5 and built 2 new MLV stations with launcher and reliever traps.

NET Midstream (2014 – 2015) NET Mexico Project

NEFS has been involved with this project since March, 2014. The project consists of constructing a 42” pipeline from a 50,000 HP compressor station, 7 meter stations and 30” & 36” headers at Agua Dulce Texas to Rio Grande City with a 48” river crossing; approximately 140 miles.


Sunoco Logistics (2013 – Present)

Mariner West replacement; 8” take up and relay; 9 miles in Rochester hills, MI; Worked on existing 40’ ROW through neighborhood setting; 8 HDD’s – ranging from 400’ to 6000’; 2 MLV stations and 1 meter station.

Mariner East 1 project; 8” Anomaly digs consisting of pipe replacement; 300 miles from Delmont, PA to Philadelphia, PA; Worked on existing 40-50’ ROW; 23 HDD’s – ranging from 600’ to 5000’; 36 MLV stations – rebuilt 24 and built 12 new

MOPI rehab project; 12” anomaly digs consisting of pipe replacement; 30 miles from Glen Riddle, PA to Sinking Springs, PA; Worked on existing 40-50’ ROW


STV – Paulsboro Natural Gas Pipeline – Delaware River Crossing

The entire pipeline will be approximately 2.6 miles in total length. The Delaware River crossing will be completed with an intercept horizontal directional drill (HDD). From the HDD tie-in in Pennsylvania, the 24-inch pipeline will be trenched approximately 3,600 feet north to the existing PNGPC / Spectra Meter Site. Within the refinery property in New Jersey, the HDD carrier will be tied into the PRC Tie-In site. From the PRC Tie-In site, there is approximately 1,600 feet of trenched 12-inch, mostly within the refinery’s Marine Gate Road, to the existing refinery piping. The project is located in Tinicum Township, Delaware County, Pennsylvania and the Borough of Paulsboro and Greenwich Township, Gloucester County, New Jersey.


Sunoco Logistics (2013 – 2014) Allegheny Access Project

NEFS has been working as a subcontractor to STV Energy, Inc. on this project since December, 2013 supplying Construction Inspection services. This project consists of 160 miles of 12” pipeline from Ohio to western Pennsylvania.


Sunoco Logistics (2011 – Present) Integrity Projects

NEFS has worked with Sunoco for the past several years supplying Construction Inspection services to their Integrity program in Michigan, Ohio and Pennsylvania.


Natural Energy Field Services


NEFS provides qualified and responsive inspection services utilizing proven personnel. Promoting safety first and client focused execution.

NEFS ensures all projects are constructed in accordance with pertinent federal & state regulations, permits, and client specifications.

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