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The secret to our success is the ability to continually provide highly qualified personnel for our clients. We enjoy a good reputation with our inspectors mainly because we realize in most cases they are away from their families and deserve to be treated with a certain degree of compassion.  The employees that we provide to our clients are carefully vetted by our staff to ensure that we are proposing only the highest qualified individuals.

NEFS offers its field personnel competitive wages and benefits.  Health Insurance and 401K are offered to our employees as well as assistance with obtaining any additional benefits. Our management team visits our client project sites frequently to ensure that our field personnel realize our level of commitment not only to the client but to our employees as well.  We feel that a happy inspector is a productive inspector.

Disciplines of Inspectors

Construction Manager
The Construction Manager is responsible for project management and field supervision from development through commissioning on pipeline and facility projects.  He/She performs all work in compliance with; project specifications, company standards, procedures, and government requirements.
Chief Inspector
The Chief Inspector has the primary responsibility of overseeing contractor work.  This includes inspection and coordination of the construction project in accordance with Company specifications. The Chief Inspector ensures that the project proceeds in accordance with the contract document requirements and construction drawings and that all necessary forms are completed and transmitted to the appropriate office.
Assistant Chief Inspector
The Assistant Chief Inspector has the primary responsibility of assisting the Chief Inspector to oversee the contractor work.
Welding Inspector
The Welding Inspector is responsible for assuring the proper welding and radiographic procedures are qualified and utilized.  The Welding Inspector is also responsible for ensuring the radiographers are certified, welders are qualified, and sound welds are produced.
CWI Welding Inspector
The CWI Welding Inspector is responsible for the quality control and assurance that proper welding and radiographic procedures are qualified for the project and utilized on the project.  The CWI Welding Inspector is also responsible for quality control of the qualifications and certifications of the radiographers and welders on the project; ensuring sound welds are produced.
Nace Coating Inspector
The NACE Coating Inspector is responsible for the quality control and assurance of all coating applications conducted on his/her contractor’s crew. Review, inspect, record, and report the coating efforts of contractor crews from a quality control standpoint to ensure that the coating application process and final product are acceptable according to the product, project, and client specifications. Ensures all coating was done according to contract specifications.
Electrical & Instrumentation Inspector
The Electrical and Instrumentation Inspector is responsible for performing quality inspections and verifications in accordance with Client requirements. This position ensures conformance to quality control standards in the execution of fabrication, construction, and maintenance activities.
Utility Inspector
The Utility Inspector is responsible for the quality control and assurance for the completion of all activities in the individual’s area of assignment in accordance with the appropriate project drawings and specifications and Company specifications as approved for construction.
Materials Inspector
The Material Coordinator is responsible for the quality control and assurance for the material verification, recording, tracking and inspection of all incoming and outgoing project related materials.  Thoroughly inspect all incoming and outgoing project material for damage and ensure material identification tags/numbers are visible and in place.  Verify correct materials are being received onto the project.
Office Manager
The Office Manager is responsible for the performance of office or non-manual work directly related to the management of general business operations of NEFS’ client.  Coordinate and manage project’s progress reports collected from project disciplines with a focus on quality and quantity, compliance and/or variance with engineering drawings, applicable code and standards, and construction schedule, cost, and budget comparisons.
Safety Inspector
The Safety Inspector’s role is to actively promote safe work practices and work with the contractor(s) onsite making recommendations on safe work practices. Ultimately if a contractor fails to comply with OSHA regulations, Client MSA requirements, and established safe work practices the Safety Inspector will document the situation and notify the Client and NEFS management. If a Safety Inspector should witness activity putting someone in risk of imminent and grave danger the Safety Inspector will request a “Stop Work” of the unsafe activity. If the contractor fails to stop an unsafe act the Safety Inspector will notify the Client and document the incident. NEFS Safety Inspectors do not have the responsibility or authority to enforce OSHA safety laws, rules, regulations, and Client MSA requirements upon contractors or their employees. Safety Inspector will be familiar with the NEFS Safety and Health Manual and emergency response procedures.
Environmental Inspector
The Environmental Inspector is responsible for the quality control and assurance that adequate erosion and sedimentation control measures/structures according to the project’s Erosion and Sedimentation Control Plan (ESCP) are utilized on the project.  The Environmental Inspector is to be knowledgeable about the specifications covering the project under construction and be skilled and competent in the regulations associated with field construction.  This includes any references to codes, standards, etc., NEFS employees are to assure quality control and compliance by the “Contractor”, on behalf of the Company/Client.

An Equal Opportunity Employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, or protected veteran status and will not be discriminated against on the basis of disability.

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NEFS provides qualified and responsive inspection services utilizing proven personnel. Promoting safety first and client focused execution.

NEFS ensures all projects are constructed in accordance with pertinent federal & state regulations, permits, and client specifications.

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